"When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments; tenderness for what he is, and respect for what he may become,"

- Louis Pasteur

"Play is the highest form of research, "

by Albert Einstein.

The Environment:

For the last nine years I have been striving to be the best teacher I can be.  Young children are 'sensory sponges' in that they take in everything in their environment, into their very being.  We also see children at this early age imitating what they see the adults doing.  As your child's caregiver, I can assure you that I want to be worthy of being imitated; that I look upon children's challenging behaviour as clues to their discomfort; and that I truly love being in the presence of children.  I have created an environment that stimulates the imagination of the child; that is filled with beauty and truth; and contains purposeful work.  Just as a house needs a foundation, my programming provides a foundation of rhythm and routine to allow your child the safety and security that comes from predictability and consistency. 

The Program:

Please contact Jan Pringle for more information through the "Contact" tab, via email at info@forestfootstepschildcare.ca, or by calling (519) 697-4849.

“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood,

for it is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul,”

from Kindergarten pioneer Friedrich Froebel.


Forest Footsteps Child Care is a play based program and child centred.   This means that a large portion of your child's day will be spent engaged in free play both indoors and out; this is a type of play where the child's imagination is stimulated by mostly the toys, not the caregiver.  Numerous studies imply that this type of play is responsible for the brain development capable of executive functioning when they are older.  Consequently, the toys provided are open-ended to allow the child to use their imagination to create their play rather than have the toy limit them to what they can do.  Furthermore, opportunities will be given during play and movement times to strengthen your child's vestibular system, proprioceptive system, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. 

At Forest Footsteps Child Care, children acquire the essential foundations for life!  By following a Lifeways childcare model, incorporating a strong nature component, and by infusing a Waldorf philosophy into the programming, our environment encourages your child to develop the way nature intended.  Our program emphasizes creative play, movement, language, sensory experiences, musical and artistic experiences, daily outdoor play in nature, and wholesome meals.  These essential elements provide a foundation for future schooling, as well as aid in developing the child's emerging independence, values, social skills, resilience and overall health.